Visiting “Phyllis” at the Fabriano in Acquarello Festival in Bologna.

Hello, dear art friends. I hope you are doing well. This post will be short and sweet. My husband and I recently returned from a mini-vacation to Bologna. Earlier this year, I decided to take the plunge and enter my painting “Phyllis” in the Fabriano in Acquarello watercolor festival, and it was accepted. We only spent a couple of hours visiting the exhibition which was filled with spectacular watercolor paintings from all over the world. So, please visit Carsten Wieland’s blog for a more in-depth write-up.

Fabriano in Acquarello exhibition hall at FICO Italian Food Theme Park (I know…).


  1. Well, Laureen, it’s a long way to deliver and it’ll feel even longer when I have to pick it up after it didnt sell – and I speak with plenty of experience. Best of luck


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