Hello. My name is Laureen. I have a dog named Phyllis who loves nothing more than to walk in the woods. Needless to say, I am happy to oblige. Whenever I see a beautiful spot along the path, I have to paint it.


In case you are wondering, these are the materials I use:

My MaimeriBlu watercolor palette.

This is the only watercolor palette I use for creating all my paintings. It’s comprised of transparent, mostly single pigment MaimeriBlu paints. I chose this brand for its vibrant and highly translucent colors, and because they are vegan-friendly – except for those few colors containing PBk9 (bone char) which I steer clear of. The full pans in the mixing wells will eventually replace the half pans, once they’re empty. I also own a few beautiful Daniel Smith watercolors. However, I’ve recently decided to put them aside for the moment as I feel their somewhat granulating properties can be a little over-powering for the style I am currently trying to achieve.

Please note: Some of the older paintings displayed on this blog were painted with Schmincke Horadam watercolors. I do no longer use this brand since all their paints contain ox gall.
All transparent, artist grade watercolors. The lightfastness ratings may not be accurate as the ratings on the tubes sometimes differ from the ratings on the official website.

I recently added Rose Lake, Permanent Red Deep, and Viridian to my palette. As you can see, some colors look too similar: the result of not having seen any swatches in person. I, therefore, won’t be repurchasing some of the colors. Berlin Blue and Transparent Mars Brown, however, will always have a spot in my palette!

MaimeriBlu 15ml watercolor tubes.

Synthetic Brushes:

I keep all my brushes in this Mason jar.

Brand: Escoda

Series: Versàtil, Ùltimo, Perla

Brand: daVinci

Series: Casaneo, Cosmotop Spin, Junior Synthetics

Brand: Raphael

Series: Precision

Gelatin-free Watercolor Paper:

Fabriano Artistico 300g/140lb. cold press