1. Wow, the colors pop and the energy is evident in the brushstrokes. I like how one section is in the sun, where the viewer is standing it seems, and the other beckons like a entrance through the shadows of the forest. Great work.

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    1. Thank you, Ashley. This is my usual morning walk, and on this particular day it felt as though we were getting the first glimpses of early spring. The path leads into the forest where there are darker and lighter sections — depending on the amount of trees. I will be sure to catch up on your blog, hope the writing goes well. Have a great day, Laureen

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  2. Very striking! Did you use a resist for the lighter trees on the left? Please say something about how you painted it. The design draws you right in with the path to the left and the receding perspective of the trees going off to the right. It’s a very compelling and immersive composition.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jeff. I began wet on wet and first painted the sky. After the surface had dried, I used masking fluid to mask out the trees and branches you are referring to. Then, I mixed different blues, purples and greens for the forest and the distant forest on the right. I believe I wet the paper again at this point. The foreground was done wet on dry. I used a palette knife to scrape out some branches on the tree in the distance. For the foliage, I used a fan brush which I gently patted onto the paper. I began this painting in mid January. This morning I looked at it again and decided there was nothing more to add. Thanks again for visiting. I have gotten a little slower with posting new material, so I appreciate you sticking around. Have a nice day, Laureen


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