My new watercolor supplies box.

My uncle, a retired electrical engineer, always keeps busy. At present, he spends a lot of time indulging his hobby: woodworking. So in the last few weeks during the lockdown, he made a cupboard and two wooden boxes that he gifted to my mom an my little niece. When I saw that beautiful box filled with my mom’s sewing supplies, I jokingly hinted that I could use one of those for my watercolor supplies. A few days later, he sent me a carefully crafted plan for my approval.

It’s a tie!

Phyllis and I went for a beautiful morning walk where we met someone special. Little did I know that the mailman had come to our apartment and delivered my new box. What a nice surprise!

The box is made out of wild oak wood
Look at the nice detail work
My old box on the right. It served me well for over 10 years.
Ohhh, the space!

I love how I can now see all my watercolors neatly grouped by color family! And I can’t wait to begin my next painting.

I hope you liked this little intermezzo. Take care, Laureen


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