Traveling impressions.

Kangaroos in Halls Gap

Hello, everyone! I am back from a six-week trip to Australia, Tasmania. And then: Seoul, South Korea.

I brought my little sketchbook along, knowing too well that I would be doing more sightseeing and hiking than actual painting. But I did sketch a few impressions that I will turn into studio paintings in the next few weeks. Please bear with me!

A fascinating tree: Meet the Wollemi pine.
A quick doodle of a palm tree.
Observing the wombat on Maria Island, Tasmania.
The most beautiful tree I ever did see…
I didn’t expect that!
Afternoon tea and a bit of watercoloring in Bicheno, Tasmania.
Salty air and the sound of waves crashing.
Now I know why Daniel Smith has a color named “Australian Red Gold”.
At the Gyeongbokgung palace, you can see people wearing the traditional Hanbok.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your day is going well.


    1. Thank you, Candace! It’s funny how, when you’re at home, you have your trusted colors and color mixes. But as soon as you visit a different location, it’s almost as if you have to start fresh and learn how to handle the other colors in your palette. Thanks again for the nice comment and have a lovely day –Laureen

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      1. Hi, Laureen. I can understand what you’re saying but I’ve never traveled with paints while traveling. A sketchbook and some pencils, sure. I love to see the artwork people create while traveling and the memories they create. It’s lovely in a personal way, you know, so I’m glad you shared yours with us too.


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