Cows in high places.

Cows seem to be on my mind lately. Or shall I say, on my watercolor paper. My husband and I just returned from a lovely mini-break in Brienz, Switzerland, where we took the steam rack railway, built in 1892, all the way up to the Brienzer Rothorn located in the Emmental Alps at 2350 meters above sea level.

Can you spot the steam rack railway?

The weather, although a little on the warmer side, was perfect for hiking. We decided to descend on foot to the Mittelstation (middle station) for about two and a half hours and ride the rest of the way down. The view was breathtaking. Every now and then we passed grazing cows that didn’t seem at all disturbed by our presence.

This was my reference photo for “Cows in high places”.

If you ever get a chance to visit Switzerland, I can highly recommend this outing. But be prepared for some serious muscle pain should you decide to do the hike. I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you lots of joy with your painting projects. — Laureen


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